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The Heaven of Europe

If Austria has been named “the heaven of Europe”, Serfaus is certainly “the seventh heaven”. The stunning mountain scenery set in deep forest green for all that meets the eye, is one of the main features of this region.

Set within the Tyrol mountain range (in western Austria) is the beautiful resort town of Serfaus. It has abundant hotels, restaurants and stores offering shopping and a glimpse of the picturesque atmosphere of the town. You will enjoy the sight of the tidy and colourful houses, the clean streets and grounds and the small town atmosphere that has made it a favourite tourist attraction. The main street is bubbling with activity, with special attractions such as musical boxes, street singers and carriages that will offer you a fascinating trip in the surrounding mountains, and instil a feeling of tranquillity on your vacation in this unique town.

A subway travels through the centre of the town and offers a free ride to the starting points for walking tours, bike tours, cable car and many more tourist musts. All around the town, there are numerous paths marked for walking tours as well as bicycle tours.

Hotel Alte Schmiede ****

In the centre of the town, near the shopping area and the subway station,Alte Schmiede is the hotel that will host you in your upcoming vacation.

Hotel Alte Schmiede is magnificent, modernly equipped on a very high standard. Every room has its own private bathroom or shower, hair drier, television, telephone.

The hotel offers a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a lobby with Wi-Fi (for fee), elegant halls and dining rooms. There are a variety of rooms for hosting families, splendid and spacious suites of different sizes. You may choose the room that suits you and your family the best.

All the Flavours of Indulgence: Gourmet with Tour Olam

Before, during and after all the attractions, trips, experiences and views – there is another meaningful experience waiting for you. Tour Olam will give you an experience of taste and abundance that only the Feder family’s guests are familiar with: indulgent and creative meals that complement your enjoyment and undoubtedly justify our motto: “Global Indulgence.”

We will start the morning with a rich breakfast offering a particularly wide variety of delicious salads, breads, dairy and more. You are invited to treat yourself with a good meal to start a great day, and to take a delicious, filling packed meal with you for an experience-filled trip today.

In the evening, when you return satisfied and tired to the hotel, Tour Olam’s skilled and dedicated staff will be waiting for you with a hot, indulgent and scrumptious meal fit for kings: fine gourmet cuisine, a variety of flavors and aromas, desserts that will surprise you again and again with each flavor they offer.

The hotel has a 24-hour open bar offering hot beverages and cakes.

Kashrut and quality: Our kitchen is under the strict supervision of Rabbi David Shlomo Zoldan, Shlita, Dayan of the Seret Vishnitz community in Haifa.

The kitchen and dining staff are chosen by well-known, experienced chefs that are very familiar with the Jewish kitchen and experienced in five-start gourmet cooking.

Serfaus family activity

Serfaus attractions are within walking distance or a short drive max. Town and within a radius of a few kilometres away, there are plenty of marked routes for hiking, bike trails, horseback cable cars and trains – a stunning mosaic of countless experiences and constant pleasure.


You talked about a bike? This makes transport particularly villages and resorts add a touch of back to nature. In Serfaus you can rent a bike for riding a personal or family and help guide element to guide you how to maximise the pleasure of marked riding paths.

Serfaus is an ideal destination for families, thanks also to its suitability for any age. In Serfaus and nearby towns you will find a huge range of amazing attractions, parks, facilities and wealth of experiences available to children, youth and adults.

Magic place with non-stop fun.

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