Kosher Cruises to Alaska

On an Alaska cruise, you’ll encounter massive tidewater glaciers, iconic wildlife, Klondike Gold Rush history and fascinating Native Alaskan cultures. No matter which cruise to Alaska you choose, you’ll travel to the best places for viewing wildlife and experience scenic cruising along Tracy Arm, Hubbard Glacier or Glacier Bay, your Alaska vacation is a pleasure from start to finish.

When evening falls and candlelight glows, you will dine on Glatt Kosher (cholov yisroel, pas yisroel) award winning gourmet cuisine prepared under the strict supervision of the MGK (Maritime Glatt Kosher). Culinary delights are made from scratch and seasoned with fresh herbs daily. No need for plastic double wrapped pre-frozen food.  When you cruise Kosher, you’re sailing into a Luxury Glatt cruise vacation of a Lifetime.

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