Kosher Cruises in the Mediterranean

With so many countries and thousands of years of history on the itinerary of a Mediterranean cruise, there are plenty of ways to discover this ancient sea. You can step into grand cities and laid-back harbours, discover lively resorts and sleepy islands, stand before vibrant modern architecture or age-old wonders.  Your cruise to the Mediterranean may be a sophisticated jaunt to French Riviera and Italy’s Renaissance treasures. It may follow the fairy-tale Adriatic to Croatian gems and magical Venice. You could weave among Greek Islands filled with whitewashed villages.  You can wander sociable plazas, piazzas and squares, admire Monaco’s yachts and supercars or painted fishing boats on Corfu. Watch opera in Naples, vibrant street theatre in Barcelona. Discover the birthplaces of iconic artists, philosophers and writers, or simply follow your instincts wherever you touch shore next on your Mediterranean cruise.

When evening falls and candlelight glows, you will dine on Glatt Kosher (cholov yisroel, pas yisroel) award winning gourmet cuisine prepared under the strict supervision of the MGK (Maritime Glatt Kosher). Culinary delights are made from scratch and seasoned with fresh herbs daily. No need for plastic double wrapped pre-frozen food.  When you cruise Kosher, you’re sailing into a Luxury Glatt cruise vacation of a Lifetime.

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