Kosher Tours Worldwide

Join a Kosher Guided Tour where your every need is catered to.  Use all your senses to discover new worlds, experience new destinations and learn about our world and our history.  Below are scheduled dates.  These change and can also be arranged for private groups so please be in touch for more details.

2018 Dates:

May 28 June 7 Fascinating Japan
May 28 June 11 Spain, Gibraltar & Portugal
May 31 June 13 Classical China
June 3 June 7 Ultimate Scottish Whiskey Tour
June 12 June 27 Silk Road: China & Uzbekistan
June 18 June 28 Slovenia & Croatia
July 30 August 7 Majestic Iceland
July 31 August 16 Vietnam & Cambodia
August 1 August 12 Galapagos
August 5 August 13 Canadian Rockies
August 6 August 16 Fascinating Japan
August 6 August 27 Silk Road: China & Uzbekistan

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